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Post  Porter on Mon Jan 12, 2009 12:13 pm

Swill: Swill can refer to any cheap, usually poor-tasting beverage, especially beer or liquor of many kinds, or to food unfit for human consumption. This usage is likely derived from the term pig-swill, which is a generic term for waste products mixed together into pig feed. Pigs are notoriously indiscriminate in their eating habits.

Brew Balls: The condition under which one develops a significant "ache" for brewing after having engaged in a fair amount of discussion/reading about brewing and not having actually had the opportunity to brew.

Flarging: Shortened form of "fly sparging."

Barging: Shortened form of "batch sparging."

Malone: Technically, the term malone is not limited to brewing nomenclature. Defined: "to the extreme," malone can replace "imperial" in a beer title.

Hammonds: To Hammonds something is to hide an obscure item in an obscure place while intoxicated. Generally, this is seen by the perpetrator as an hilarious prank at the time of the incident. However, the perpetrator may later forget entirely that it had occured.

Shit Ton: A shit ton is a BMG unit of measurement = 6oz of hops. It should be noted that shit ton measurement is different for each beer ingredient. For example, a shit ton of crystal is not 6 oz, but 1lb. A shit ton of base malt is 20lb, not 1lb. A shit ton of yeast = 3 vials/smack packs, 2 dry packets, slurry from a previous batch, 4L starter; a shit ton of rice is 0.000001 oz)

Grip: Also a unit of measurement, however grip is not specific to volume, mass, distance, or time. E.G. "How much vienna did you use in that recipe? Oh, about 2 grips." "How far is it to St. Louis? Around 3 grips." or "My head is wicked pounding, I drank a grip of beers last night."

Rittenour: To Rittenour is to dump an entire batch of beer "willy nilly" (pun intended) due to infection, etc. without appropriate input from fellow BMG members. "Rittenour-ing" is frowned upon among the BMG and the homeless population.

Special Treat: A special treat is an oversalted, inedible snack (see swill) enjoyed only by Carnes.

Roger: Roger is a chap that attends EVERY party. It's customary for Roger to open several bottles/cans of beer taking only a drink or two before putting the container down, leaving the remainder of the beer for other drunk assholes to knock over. No one has ever actually seen Roger, but the evidence that he has been at their party is overwhelming.

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Vocabrewary thus far: Empty Re: Vocabrewary thus far:

Post  scribe on Thu Jan 15, 2009 8:00 pm

...just a few more

The Rochefarts: This is what happens the next morning after a great night of Trappist ales.

"Bros before Brews": This mantra is often adopted at local beer tasting competitions when homebrew camaraderie usurps objective beer judging. It is often found printed in the margins of BQ scoring cards.

In"greedy"ents: These consists of the surplus of homebrewing ingredients acquired by local homebrew competitions. In'greedy'ents include but are not limited to: (ridiculous amounts of Sorachi Ace hops, summit hops, roast barley, and special B). Often, reluctantly, Brew Man Group members will create non-BQ beers using these ingredients, only later to justify their decisions to the other members. For example: "Hey Hammonds, great pale ale, but something's amiss?" "Yeah, I know, I used 6 oz. of Sorachi Ace the last 2 minutes of the boil because I had so many of them on hand." "Okay, that makes sense."

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