Thoughts and ideas on making a lighter smoke beer.

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Thoughts and ideas on making a lighter smoke beer. Empty Thoughts and ideas on making a lighter smoke beer.

Post  Dobee on Fri Feb 20, 2009 2:53 pm

This one time I made a golden color beer that contained rauch malt. I want to try and duplicate this as summer is coming up and it has to be my all time beer to drink when BBQing. My friends/family hated the beer (it's for my enjoyment not theres). I loved it as a session beer that I drank almost everyday. I actually got a second place at the fair for this beer in the category of rauch (only two in category though Razz). According to judges it was not a rauch beer (I had just started brewing so I had no idea about BJCP). They did like it a lot though.

Here is my dilema, when I made this beer I was into extract brewing and never wrote down my recipes. I remember it was an ale lightly hopped and just a touch of smoke. What I remember is that I did use rauch and crystal malts, but other then that I don't remember anything about the beer.

So what I am asking for is suggestions on this. What kind of hops/yeast combos do you guys think would go good with this? Any malt suggestions? Ideas on how much rauch I should use? Also I should throw in there I don't want the smoke to overpower the beer. I want it there but not as the main flavor (Complex like scotch).

This is what I am thinking;

7 lbs 2 row
1 lb crystal
1/2 lb rauch or smoked malt

1 oz cascade for bittering
1 oz kent goldings for aroma

Yeast? Safale dry i am thinking. (I used a ton of different dry yeast back then I don't know what exactly I used for it)


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