English Ordinary Bitter

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English Ordinary Bitter

Post  scribe on Fri Jan 23, 2009 1:47 pm

Here's the plan:

6lb. Marris Otter
.75lb. Carastan
.25lb. 120L
1oz. Challenger (FWH)
WL London Ale Yeast (i've got the slurry--catcha next time, Ringwood)
Mash--155F Thick (1.15qt/lb)

IBU = 28.4
OG = 1.037
ABV = 3.4%

(Man, you guys are going to have to tie me down to make sure I don't put an extra 5 pounds of malt in this...haha!)

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Re: English Ordinary Bitter

Post  Dobee on Fri Jan 23, 2009 2:36 pm

Yeah I feel you on the tie down.... I am wanting to brew another beer and I have prolly around 20-25 lbs of grain and I just want to put it all in..... For a 5 gallon batch.

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